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Anyone else find it hard to squeeze the ups and downs of your LIFE into a few yearly Facebook posts? Yep, me too.  Mostly because our married life has been quite a ride, with twists and turns around every corner. Let me rewind a bit. 2015 was a game changing year for Erick and I.  We were newly weds living the city life in a 400 square foot apartment.  Erick was catching his stride in his career as an occupational therapist and I was working a full-time job at a non-profit in Houston TX.  We were passionate about tiny living and had saved enough money to start shopping for a home.  We were set on finding a tiny house but every house we found was still too big and needed a lot of work. 

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We probably drove our realtor crazy!  The moment we learned about the housing online marketplace, we went from searching tiny houses to cheap fixer uppers to 2-4 multifamily properties.  Although we knew nothing about real estate, the world was our oyster! Could we really buy our first property and use it as an INVESTMENT opportunity?  Purchasing the right investment properties or fixer upper seemed all a bit too daunting, so we turned to our local experts.  We found a local meetup and purchased an intensive education course, coaching, and bought into an investor network.  This turned out to be quite an investment on its own.  We took a leap of faith and dove DEEP into the waters of real estate investing.  I quit my job to manage what turned into a real estate investing business.  Erick continued to work his day job but put in his REI hours in the evenings and weekends. 

We didn’t realize it at the time but this education fast tracked our investment goals and strategies by YEARS.  We learned how to completely renovate homes from the ground up.  We learned how to find long-term cash flowing investments.  We learned how to manage our renovation crews, how to access private money lending, and how to leverage mortgages to build long term wealth.  What we didn’t know is that finding a fix and flips meant countless hours of pure hustle to find the needle in the haystack.  What we did come to learn is that finding rental properties were much easier to come by and made for great passive long term investments.

By 2019, we decided to shift gears and take a step back to realign ourselves with our core values.  This meant significantly reducing the time we spent searching for new investment properties.  We began offering our services on smaller renovation projects and took on some project management roles.  2019 was also the year when we started our very first Airbnb.  We felt led to add one more tool to our belt.  We were interested adding a service that could be useful to a larger audience.  This led us to study and test for our Loan Originator licenses allowing us to provide our clients with the best loans for their homes.  We had built a network around the industry of real estate and knew that this could be a great tool for investors, family and friends. 

2020 is now here and we have decided to park out energy and efforts into mortgage loan originating.  We have sprinted down the real estate path and know that there is SO MUCH to learn about your local real estate market whether you are a first-time home buyer or looking to purchase your first investment property.  We are so excited to help you make that happen. 

Friends, we are launching a new phase of our business and need your help!  People do business with people they like and trust and we know that your referral will make a difference.  Please take a moment to think of one person in your life that may be looking for some guidance on their next purchase and tag them onto this post!


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